VG Jones ecommerce

While this method of doing business seems au courant, e-commerce relies on time-tested methods of smart, ethical business practises to realise profits. VG Jones can leverage its existing business experience as it expands into this new arena.
Two of the biggest and most successful retailers online are and Barnes &amp. Noble. is the world’s largest online retailer, offering everything from the latest bestselling novels to garden gadgetry. It “exists” only online and as such is known as a “pure play” operation. Barnes &amp. Noble is the largest bookseller in the United States, with many large high street shops known as “superstores” as well as a significant online operation, though none in the UK. Both companies have simply found new channels through which to earn profits and offer significant lessons for VG Jones as it seeks to expand its presence onto the web. Both websites are examined in detail for lessons that VG Jones can use in its web planning process.
As the company ventures into an expanded web presence, the following recommendations can help provide guidance:

1. Make sure the existing business model is a good one.
2. Create a distinctive presence as a UK retailer.
3. Make the online experience enjoyable and informative.
4. Take advantage of “buzzworthy” events.
5. Make the website work for the high street shops and vice versa.