“Visit Britain is the national tourism agency funded by the DCMS and is ‘responsible for promoting Britain worldwide and developing its visitor economy’ through its mission ‘to grow the value of inbound tourism’ In your role as &amp

ap"Tourism in the UK Introduction In order to grow the value of inbound tourism, it is important to conduct research on he trend of inbound tourism in the UK. Currently, evidence shows that inbound tourists are increasing. The UK however can still market its tourism industry to get more customers. This essay provides some evidence about the tourism industry in the UK.
Range of tourism products and services
Tourism products and services are classified under hospitality, attractions, events, tourism services, and visitor transport. There are country house hotels, world class hotels, holiday caravan parks, bars, catering companies, guest houses and pubs that offer hospitality services. UK has historic houses, theme parks, heritage sites, museums, zoos, parks and gardens which attract tourists. Tourism industry in the UK also offers conferences and meeting services, exhibitions, festivals and concerts. Visitor transport services are composed of vehicles for hire, coaches, buses, and ferry companies. Other tourism services are such as information centres, tour operator businesses, destination organizations and guides (Tourism Alliance, 2010).
Key Trends
The number of visitors has been on the rise since 2003. In 2003, the number of inbound tourists in the UK was 24.715 million. This increased to 29.971 million and gradually to 32.813 million in 2013 (VisitBritain, 2014). Irrespective of the gradual increase in tourists, UK is still focused on attracting more inbound tourists. There is the ‘GREAT’ campaign which was launched to promote domestic and inbound tourism. The government launched advertising campaigns to increase consumers for the tourism industry (Euromonitor International, 2013). If more tourists respond to the advertisements, the UK economy will receive a boost from the tourism industry.
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