Voter Identification Legislation and Mediation

Such a situation calls for a mediation party to step in and resolve the matter. One of the famous mediation initiatives in the history of America involved Holder stepping in to address the rights of voting.
The Holder Jr. mediation had the minority voters and poor people vs. the Justice Department were the primary parties as the issue involved the two with the Justice Department doing injustice to the minority voters. In this case, Attorney Holder Jr. stepped in to address the minorities voting groups claims that the Justice Department had made it harder for them to participate in the voting exercise (Savage, 2011). In his mediation process, Holder promised these voting groups that new laws on elections had to be enacted and the laws will be in such a way that they will not discriminate any voting group. To achieve this, he had to hear out the side of the Justice Department as they played a role in enacting such laws. Holder went ahead to suggest that new discrimination laws patterns had to be put in place for the best interests of the nation.
According to him, the main reason for such conflicts was the manner in which race had continued to possess many officials serving the state. The Justice Department was also accused of standing in the way of the meeting that was to take place in Louisiana parish which excluded officeholders that were black (Savage, 2011). This showed that the Justice Department was the main cause of this conflict. Holder went ahead to point out that such kinds of fraud were witnessed too infrequently to be used as a basis for this discrimination. The end result was that the states that had been affected by this issue ended up adopting registration systems for voters that were not cumbersome and allowed every citizen to exercise their basic right.
Mediation proved to be the best means of settling the above conflict as the only way out was facilitate an agreement between the Justice Department and the minority voters groups.&nbsp. &nbsp.