Website headings and design analysis

Software Download Instructions Since it is essential for every personal computer to have protection, which is why it is logical to look into anti-virus software providers for this project. AVG was selected because of its popularity on the free ware market.
It can be noticed on the home page of AVG that the language used is addressed to an average English speaker. Technical terms are translated to user friendly words, for example: anti phishing is termed as "Identity Protection". This makes the site clearer and more accessible to an average Joe. It can also be noticed that the user is given a choice of degree of protection, may the computer be for home or office use. These choices are neatly put side by side just below the header in a neatly fashion. Buttons labeled as "learn more", "buy now" and "download free trial" are there to make the choice easier.
Going further into the buying process, it can be noticed that filling up the questionnaire is rather simple. Again choices are provided to optimize the user’s product experience: single installation of CD based installer download. Further more a sales support tab for chat or email is provided on the right side for the customer. Product comparisons can also be obtained in this section. Feedback as well as user reviews, which are important for potential customers, are not present though.
Overall, downloading AVG Anti-Virus 9.0 is hassle free. The site can be easily navigated and articulated. Not to mention the color scheme is pleasing.
Website Headings
It is common, if not necessary, for designers’ pages to have good aesthetics just like what I seen on and Being attractive makes the site effective buy luring customers. The name of the designer or the brand is the most noticeable text on a page filled with images. The typeface for the name is important because it sets an impression on the viewer. This impression is preferably amazement or authority.
Text headings for these kinds of sites are almost unnoticeable. They are used as simple pointers to articles or other texts. The font style is simple and the size is small. A more attractive typeface will divert the viewers’ attention. These headings might not even be necessary.
In contrast to the designers’ sites, text-focused sites are more academic just like on The goal of these sites is not to attract but to inform. The information given by the articles are the most important aspect. The aesthetics of the site only comes second.
Color Impairment
The site chosen was and it was tested through a Tritanope sufferer’s view. The site looked really different but was still usable, the texts can still be read. Thinking that there might be some information missing, the altered view was put side by side with the actual and there are none. The clean look of white background of the site helped with this. And even with the more colorful login section, everything was still readable.
There are not a lot of things that should be changed in the site. Like previously said, the simple design of white background and black text is effective. The only change that could be suggested is the dark blue text on gray background found on the right side, below the login area. It can be suggested that the background color be changed to a lighter shade of gray. There are also texts on the bottom of the site which are light gray of color against a white background. These may not the essential for most users of the site but for those who are looking for contact information. this could be what they need. It is suggested that the text be turned darker if not black just like the other texts.