Week1The Benefits of Implementation ScienceAdvanced Application of Practice-Based Research in HealthMemorandumTo: Board of Directors From: Research Analyst  Date: May 10, 2020                               SUBJECT: IMPROVING COLLABORATION IN HEALTH CAREI humbly write to propose to you the best project that the facility should adopt and implement to improve the quality of health care delivery to patients.  Proper coordination in a health care facility is one of the best ways of improving the quality of health services. However, one of the best methods which can be used to achieve is through improving collaboration in health care services. Kindly assess my analysis to understand whether this project will help prove services delivery within the facility. Barriers to Improving Collaboration in HealthcareEven though adopting improving collaboration in healthcare will advance the quality of services provided to patients, the following berries are likely to affect this project: i. Lack of Reliable and Effective Governance Structure Existence of inappropriate governance in healthcare facilities is the major obstacle that can adversely affect proper adoption and implementing the project of improving collaboration in healthcare. However, this barrier can be eliminated this barrier; the management of the facility can adopt advance managerial technology to help in establishing suitable governance structures. ii. Inadequate Communication Mechanism and ToolsInsufficient mechanisms and tools is another problem that is likely to affect the effectiveness of achieving the goal of improving collaboration in healthcare (Homeyer et al., 2018). Currently, the facility lacks appropriate tools and mechanisms that can be used to promote cooperation in healthcare. To address this issue, the facility can use telecommunication systems to enhance collaboration and communication between different departments within the facility to achieve the objectives of the project. iii. Challenges in Establishing Appropriate Skills And Team Size Achieving the goals of this project can also be affected by the problem of creating appropriate skills and team size. In most instances, team size can easily influence the efforts of promoting collaboration in health care (Homeyer et al., 2018). As well, this problem can affect the success of this project.  However, to prevent the adverse effects of this challenge, the facility can use science and technology to create a sizable team that can easily be managed to achieve the goals of this project.Impacts of Implementation of Science on Organizational Policy Implementation of science on the organizational policy will help the facility to realize various goals. The following are some of the benefits that the use of science will contribute to this facility:Increasing CommunicationOne of the most significant advantages that the use of science will bring to the organization is the improvement of communication and interaction among employees within the facility. When the facility uses science, it will be possible to communicate among health care professionals and patients who are seeking medical attention from the facility (Adams & Markowitz, 2018). Also, the use of advanced telecommunication systems will enable the facility to achieve its project goal of improving collaboration and coordination in healthcare.Services EnhancementThe use of science to achieve the organization’s policies will help to improve innovation and creativity among health care professionals. As a result, this will help to come up with methods that can help to enhance the quality of service offered to patients (Adams & Markowitz, 2018). Therefore;  it is imperative to support this project to enable the facility to achieve its organizational policies. In doing so, the facility will meet both its’ short and long-term goals. Continuous Improvement Usually, the main reason for the application of science in an organization to achieve goals and objectives through persistence quality improvement. Similarly, the implementation of science will help to promote constant quality improvement within the facility (Bunger & Lengnick-Hall, 2019).  Consequently, this will enable the facility to achieve its policies. Thus, it is prudent to support this initiative of improving collaboration in healthcare. When the facility adopts this project, the facility will realize consistent quality, thus enhance; it will be possible to achieve organizational policies.  Improving Health Professional Development The use of science by health care providers will help them to acquire more skills and knowledge. As such, this will improve their skills and expertise gradually. Learning more skills will enable health care providers to provide quality health services to patients (Bunger & Lengnick-Hall, 2019). Hence, it is vital to adopt the use of science to help in improving the development of health professionals.Recommendation for Implementation of Science For the facility to achieve its goals of improving collaboration in health care, science can be used in various ways to enhance the achievement of goals of this project. The following are the main reasons why the facility needs to employ the use of science:1. The use of science will help the facility improve coordination and communication between health care providers and patients. As a result, this will enhance the quality of services offered to patients. Thus, there is a need to implement the use of science within the facility.2. The use of science will help the facility enhance collaboration and teamwork amongst health care providers. Successively this will improve the quality of services offered to patients. Therefore, it is prudent for the facility to encourage the use of science in all its undertakings. 3. It is important to use science in this project be it will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the project. Therefore, it essential to use science to run this project because it will ensure the smooth running of all organizational activities.4. The use of science will help the facility to enhance proper time management. Since the use of science will involve advanced technology, this will promote collaboration and teamwork amongst health care providers. As a result, this will improve the quality of services offered to patients.  In consequence, it is vital to encourage the use of science in running all organizational activities. Based on the above discussions, I would like to consider my proposal to enable the facility to achieve its goal of improving collaboration in healthcare. Respectively,Maria DuplantierResearch Analyst.References [A1]Adams, E. K., & Markowitz, S. (2018). Improving efficiency in the health-care system: Removing anticompetitive barriers for advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants. Policy Proposal,8, 9-13.Bunger, A. C., & Lengnick-Hall, R. (2019). Implementation Science and Human Service Organizations Research: Opportunities and Challenges for Building on Complementary Strengths.Human Service Organizations: Management, Leadership & Governance,43(4), 258-268.Conklin, J., Farrell, B., & Suleman, S. (2019). Implementing deprescribing guidelines into frontline practice: Barriers and facilitators. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy,15(6), 796-800.Homeyer, S., Hoffmann, W., Hingst, P., Oppermann, R. F., & Dreier-Wolfgramm, A. (2018). 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