Western Financial System Versus The East Asian Financial System

The current paper focuses on the examination of the merits of the Eastern Financial system towards its Western rival. The studies of Goodhart and Johnson – referring to the above systems – are critically discussed. It is proved that the Eastern financial system offers higher security – compared to the Western financial system. In this context, the views included in the study of Goodhart – that is supportive of the Eastern financial system – are verified. the views of Johnson are important – in terms of the issue under discussion – and they are critically discussed in order to have more chances to highlight all aspects of these study’s issues. Assumptions are made in regard to the merits of both these systems but also the potential superiority of one of the – reference is made to the Asian Financial system. the views published in the literature in regard to the specific subject are also used – at the level that has been considered as important for supporting the arguments stated in the paper.The views of Goodhart on the Western and Asian financial system are based on the critical examination of certain aspects of these systems. particular attention has been paid on the responses of these systems to the crisis of 1997-98 but also to the recession of the period 2007-2009 – a recession that is still in progress.Goodhart notes that the ability of the Western (called also Anglo-Saxon) financial system and the Eastern financial system to respond to the crisis need to be evaluated by referring primarily to the structure of these systems. at the next level, the effects of these systems on the national economy can be identified. It is proved that the differences in these system’s potentials against financial crises can be explained based on these systems’ elements and role in the context of a particular social, political and economic environment. In accordance with Goodhart the main weakness of the Anglo-Saxon model is the fact that ‘stability carries within itself the seeds of future instability’ (Goodhart, p.9). in the context of the Western financial system, the above fact has led to the high exposure of banks to risk by expanding leverage (Goodhart, p.9).