Westfailure System by Susan Strange



On social sphere, strong connection of social suffering with economic inequality causes wide gap between rich and poor classes, which potentially leads to uprisings. Thus, current power balance in terms of state sovereignty cannot manage all the domestic and global challenges the world faces today. On another hand, Mearsheimer’s ‘E.H.Carr vs. Idealism: The Battle Rages On’ (2005) discusses the role of power from both realist and idealist perspectives. Precisely, the author wants to draw the line and find possible compromise in describing state’s nature between its realist willingness to obtain power and proclaimed liberal ideals. Moreover, the author raises deep concern on neglecting of realist thinkers in contemporary academic circles. Even though states during post-Cold War world justify their actions by idealist rhetoric, Mearsheimer by citing Carr blames them to hide the real power interests behind them. Thus, explaining contemporary states and their behavior on international stage in only liberal terms is the wrong way of understanding global reality.2. State and power arguments in the presented articles and commonalities between themSpecifically, both authors construct their arguments by using concepts of state and power in different environments. In this section, there is a detailed description of the arguments presented in both researches with summarizing commonalities between them.As for Strange, she sees state in the broader context than only through appearance as political entity.