What Gives Casablanca Cafe a Competitive Advantage

I visited the bistro and strategically sat on the terraces to have a better view of both the interior and external sections of the restraint as I took notes of how the premises operate together with other notable things that I would be able to witness.
To begin with, the hotel is strategically located in Fort Lauderdale with a perfect view of the ocean whereby the fresh breeze blows off to create a beautiful ambiance for the revelers. Casablanca café is conveniently located in the sense that it is easily accessible and at the same time convenient since anyone who intends to visit the restaurant can conveniently access it either through bus or the numerous taxi that is available along 3049 Alhambra Street. The restaurant is housed in a beautifully restored ancient home that has a perfect finish both in the interior and exterior that creates a sensational ambiance for visitors that come in. The interior décor is designed in a manner that makes it perfect for dinner outings and romantic dates since it is cozy and with some jazz music playing from the music bar. The café offers a wide variety of cuisines as I would observe from their menu. The range includes food from various cultures for instance. Mediterranean, French as well as the indigenous American cuisines. It is an advantage to the restaurant since it does not limit its services to an individual culture of foods but packages its services in a manner that will attract clients across cultures due to the room for the choice that is available.
The services at Casablanca café are impressive, personally, I asked for a coffee latte and within the next one minute my order was already processed and I was enjoying my drink. I notice the joint is a favorite spot for many people reason being the time I spent at the establishment close to one hundred clients checked in a majority of who were coming in for an early dinner. I observed a significant number making out with takeaway food an impressive phenomenon that I noted.