What Have I learned from the Course of English

My inventory has been hard to write. I have learned so much for this It is hard to list all of the knowledge I have gleaned from this course.&nbsp.Proofreading and editing are related processes. While proofreading, I normally edit. This course taught me to lay my work aside or give it to a friend, before proofreading. These fresh looks at my paper and professor comments have allowed me to achieve better papers. I now have the confidence to turn in professional college papers.

Referencing was another aspect of this course that really helped me. Every course I take in my current and future educational career will require college-level referencing. The referencing became easier with each paper. I have learned skills that will help me complete papers in my other classes. Since I now know the referencing system and how to cite without plagiarizing, I look forward to assigned papers. Learning referencing has given me the confidence to turn papers, essays, and other assignments without worrying about being a plagiarist.

Finally, the discovery that I can interpret literature has surprised me. During high school, literature bored me. I can honestly say that reading in this course has intrigued me. I see literature in a different light. It is no longer boring words written by authors, but stories that I can really get into.

This course has allowed me to learn the basic essentials that I need for other classes in my educational career. Without proofreading, editing, referencing, and interpretation, my education would be a struggle. I am glad for the opportunity to learn these aspects of the English language.