What is Design Thinking

Consequently, the concept not only works in the corporate world but also transforms and guides the actions of the individual and society as a whole. Therefore, it transforms operations in every sector of the economy including education and manufacturing. It is an integrative tool for innovation, observation, critical thinking and inspiration. According to the figure and various literary resources, design thinking revolves around many aspects of the contemporary world. Hence, it is a method for the creative and practical resolution of issues with the aim of enhancing the intended outcome, both in the present and the future (Mootee, I. 2013, 78).
For the business world, both designers and executives, design thinking is a tool to imagine and develop services, strategies, products, and models of business initiatives. In the realm of creativity, design thinking assists businesses to gain an advantage in the market with the introduction of a new product (Mootee, I. 2013, 78).
The product illustrated above is known as a Chulha Cooking Stove created by Philips Designs. Because of the concept of design thinking, Philips Design managed to offer the market a new stove that was aimed at the developing world. The community is able to prepare food in its traditional way by utilizing the efficient stove. Designers aimed at creating a product that alleviated the health problems accrued by other means of fuel, by developing the Chulha stove. The product reduces the risk resulted from smoke inhalation and thus helps to save lives. Therefore, the stove promotes a safer environment for household (indoor) cooking.
The designers have gone through various plans and alterations of the original design to develop Chulha. Therefore, the company focused on reviewing many centuries of traditional modes of cooking stoves to generate a gladly satisfactory response to the prevalent problem of unsafe cooking stoves.&nbsp.