What is independent film Using one or two contemporary films of your choice critically examine the problem of how to define independent cinema

People that have talents in recording films and movies often prepare their scripts and act them out, they then develop them in a studio, which has to ensure that it adds value and quality to the final products that people enjoy. Many people often enjoy various kinds of films and movies without knowing the journey that they go through before they can be watched and enjoyed by people across cultures.
At the studio, the producers have to ensure that the particular content to be developed is acted out in the best and professional standards before working on them (Hillier 2001, 24). They have to ensure that the particular themes intended are well outlined so that they can be easily understood. In some case, it is the studios that assume the role of marketing, subject to the agreement by the particular actors. otherwise some prefer to undertake the process themselves.
Currently, independent films have been developed, becoming popular in most countries across the world (King 2005, 41). Various reasons have been cited for the emergence of these kinds of films in modern times, with people preferring to make their films away from the major film studios. This paper examines the aspect of independent films, focusing on some of the challenges in defining these independent films in the contemporary world.
An independent film can be described as the professional practice of film production that often results in feature films, which are done outside the chief studio film systems (Tzioumakis 2006, 23). After these films have been produced by these independent films, they are often marketed and distributed by the particular independent entertainment organisations and companies according to the terms and conditions in the agreement arrived at. It is also important to note that in some cases, independent films can also be developed and distributed by the subsidiaries of some of these major film