What Make You Capable to Be a Nurse

Nursing is a profession that requires experience in the field of emergency and I have gained this experience by working at a nursing facility.
I believe that a nurse can only be successful if the nurse learns to accept challenges. The field of nursing has a variety of issues involved and I believe that I can bring justice to these issues if provided with the right chance. My passion for nursing grew over the years and I have taken all the necessary theoretical classes relating to it. Science and Math classes will help me with the calculation of the nutritional intake of the patient and the medical classes of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and biochemistry would help to know about the issues that the patient is suffering from. I have learned medical terminology through these classes and I believe it can help m to flourish in my profession. Although nursing is a field that requires physical and emotional stress, I believe that I can handle the stress because of the passion that I have for this field. My hard-working nature along with my patience would prove to be very helpful when dealing with the patients. I possess good communication skills which would help me to deliver efficiently to the patient. I have learned to act as a team member and this can help me to work under the senior nurses at a facility.