What makes a fine story

Sur What makes a story fine? The story is a collection of imagined or real people that narrated for the purpose of entertainment. For a story to be good, it needs to have elements that make the audience love it. Some of the elements are below.
Good introduction
That helps in attracting attention from the audience. It may be through singing, screaming, drumming. horn blowing, crying, laughing or even whistling. That creates excitement to the audience as they are anxious to read or to hear the reason behind the introduction. It also makes the story to be lively.
Tonal variation
That is a change in tone with respect to the event. For example, the tone applied when questioning is different from the tone applied when complimenting. For example," did she say am handsome?" this tone is called rising tonal variation. Consider," tell her she is beautiful" this is falling tonal variation. Tonal variation helps in making the presentation of the story different by eliminating the monotony of only one tone.
Characters in a story are crucial. Each story should contain characters with different roles assigned to them. They should be hand in hand with the theme of the story to avoid being outside the topic. A character can either be a human or an animal in the story. The importance of a character in the story is for the audience to relate to them. A character might have similar traits to someone you may know and so you learn the end results of having certain traits. It is because the purpose of having characters is to pass a certain message.
For communication to take place there must be a medium enabling the exchange of ideas. In a story, language is a key factor of determining whether the story is interesting or not. The audience targets a story that is simple to understand and recall. They expectations of the reader or audience are to grasp each and every point that is within the story with ease. A good story should be simple for easy understanding.
A real story is more captivating because it out of experience. It comprises the happenings in life. The audience pays more attention as some are in the same situation as the teller was and so expect to know how to deal with it. That creates interest in the story to the audience and the teller emphasis on key issues without any exaggerations. The main pain purpose of the audience is to learn and gain experience on dealing with issues faced in daily life.
A good story should have conflicting ideas so that the conclusion is appropriate. Conflict in a story also enables the audience to participate in giving their ideas on the issue. This participation makes the story livelier and eliminates boredom. It also helps to pass a crucial message to the audience and to give the characters an opportunity to prove themselves in tough situations.