What Might Be the Difficulties and Problems with Business Partners and the Practice of Shared Services

The paper shows that a business partnership is a complex scheme. this complexity can be identified primarily to the fact that ‘there is no single contractual agent but several agents capable of contracting on behalf of each other’ (Ricketts et al. 2003, 108). The problems that can appear in a business partnership can be many. the specific fact has been identified in the UK quite early – by 1830s. at that period, two were the major issues occurred in a business partnership – these problems can be also identified in modern business partnerships: a) it was quite difficult for third parties to sue a partnership – mostly because the retrieval of information on a transaction developed with a business partner could take many years – ever decades – to be completed, b) difficulty existed ‘in one partner issuing another’ (Ricketts et al. 2003, 108) – the difficulty, in this case, derived mostly by the lack of clear legal framework. moreover, in such conflicts also it was quite difficult to retrieve the information required in order to support the relevant case.

The most common problem faced by organizations regarding their business partners is the identification of channels of communication and cooperation. in fact, the needs of organizations in terms of their business partnership are often difficult to be understood by their business partners. the latter may focus on the financial prospects of a joint effort – referring to initiatives developed by the enterprises and their business partners. however, business goals are usually related to non-financial targets. of course, the increase of a firm’s profitability allows the specific organization to effectively develop any of its strategic schemes – including those referring to non-financial targets. Friedman et al. (1999) highlight the importance of cooperation&nbsp.between the enterprise and its business partners.