Who are you

Ed Miliband My is Ed Miliband. I am the official opposition leader in the United Kingdom. I am also the leader of the Labor Party. My goal is to capture the premiership of the United Kingdom and try to demonstrate a different kind of leadership that considers the interest of all UK citizens. For years, the United Kingdom government has taken deliberate policies that have weakened the economy, increase unemployment and Britain’s influence in the international arena (Brown 91).
My leadership aims to increase the minimum wages in the country and also restructure the National Hospital Fund. I intend to cut government spending, strengthen relations with European Union by avoiding a national referendum on EU membership, and also cut taxes on businesses (Stone par. 3, par. 11). The issues are thorny, and the current regime is reluctant to make any changes. The main losers are the middle and low-income families. All the objects aim at increasing the welfare of the country and its citizens.
I cannot accomplish my goals without public mandate since the United Kingdom is a strong democracy. Thus, I will seek the votes in the elections on a Labor Party ticket. I consider leadership as a call to serve and not to satisfy personal ambitions. To win an election, I require a majority in parliament in order to pass crucial bills. Currently, the party has 256 members in the house. The numbers imply that the public has confidence in my policies. The UK populace is sensitive to poor governance. thus, the failures of the current government may propel me to the position of the Prime Minister in the next election.
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