Who Develops Posttraumatic Stress Disorder by Ozer and Weiss

&nbsp.The development of PTSD requires the occurrence of an external event and symptoms associated with the event.
Anybody can develop PTSD and there are particular predictors that can tell if an individual will develop PTSD. According to Ozer and Weiss (170), these predictors include static features (such as childhood trauma, family psychiatric history, and intelligence), the severity of the trauma, psychological processes throughout the traumatic period, and life stress and social support after the occurrence of the traumatic event. There are psychological processes that accompany the traumatic event, and these processes and the environment usually determine whether the individual will develop the traumatic event or not. For instance, in places where there is severe political repression, it is likely that the individual, community norms and social institutions will be affected (Ozer and Weiss 171). It is most likely that they will develop PTSD and interventions to alleviate the symptoms will focus on both the individual and the community. &nbsp.