Who do you think you are

Who do you think you are? To start with, I am of the view that one of most important personality traits that I possess is that I believe in responsibility. It makes me who I am indeed and this is something that comes down as one of my biggest strengths. I am always accountable and answerable for all my actions, behaviors and emotions. My responsibility is liked by people who know me and who want to attach with me. I have strictly hold fast on to the thinking that being accountable for one’s duties and following them through are important. One of my responsibilities here is to have my own home and get a good job that shall pay me decently well. Further, as far as my future life is concerned, I must enroll myself in courses that give a good value and which make me feel proud of who I am.
Another aspect of my personality is that my confidence has always been at its top level. It has made me realize that nothing in life is unachievable and one needs to go out there and work his best to find out the success that is hidden. The right skills that I possess make me feel confident with every passing day and for this reason my goals become attainable. My future considerations get strengthened with the confidence that has been fed in my personality and which allows me to give my best no matter how tough or trying the circumstances turn out to be. I see a number of opportunities coming up for me in the future which is something that is a plus at any time.
Adding to the aspects that are significant within my personality make-up, I am having good physical health which is a definite plus as well. It gives me a solid chance to perform at my very best within my work domains and live my life to the maximum. Since everyone wishes to live a long life, my desire is the same nonetheless. I believe if I remain fit and healthy, nothing can take away the happiness that I have.
I am a friendly individual who believes in social behavior to the maximum possible levels. I am good at making friends with people and get along with them quickly. This is one of my biggest strengths and I enjoy it a lot. My personal life is made richer with so many friends around me. It helps me to find out the real side of me that I have. I call them, invite them to go and hang out with me and thus have fun with them all this while. It is a face that some or the other friend is always around me and hence I enjoy their company a lot. What is important here is that I am always available to them whenever they need me.
In the end, my profession is that of a registered nurse. As I have always dreamt of doing something worthwhile for the people, my nursing career allows me to do that. It is a challenging job which stretches my limits endlessly. I have always tried to create a difference within the lives of the people through my works. My recent score of Jung Typology test has been remarkable as I have attained E, I, F, J (11, 50, 50, 78). The test was a fun thing and I was able to find my personality within the test which was an assuring aspect of the test. Since I found the test quite easy, its results are pretty accurate. These characteristics have made who I am today and I am a happy individual because I have always believed in myself.