Why are men unfaithful in marriage

Similarly, individuals believe that their lives can be more interesting if they bring in a difference. The proverb demonstrates that bringing a change or doing something different, having or experiencing it can enhance the existence of life, make it more fun, meaningful, or even remove boredom (Variety, byu.edu). Strictly narrowing the phrase, life is one entity, spice is a type of flavour and variety brings the diversity. Assuming one is preparing a particular type of meal, there is always the opportunity to give it a different taste every time the food is prepared. Making the meal without spice, or even using a particular spice every time and then without changes gives the meal one common taste. Hence, in life as a meal, people can remove the sameness or old boring repetitiveness by making some significant changes that bring fun and alleviate boredom. It explains why most men cannot manage to stay faithful in marriage. Reasons for Men’s Infidelity in Marriage Male erection influence: Both men and women have hidden sexual interests that are driven by differences in sexual organs, powerful to cause sexual attractions between them. Looking at their positioning of sexual organs, it is difficult to tell when a woman shows signs of sexual interest because their organs are more interior and covered than for men. For men, their genitals are external and anytime they respond to the feelings, the organs too can react by erection, which is an attraction showing sexual desires. Basically, failure and ability to perform sexually all lies in the mind if not a psychological case. That is to say, what they see or the physical factors contribute to their erection. In the thought, when a man has an erection, he definitely wants to have sex and even when it was caused by a different partner. On the other hand, the perception of some women when they see a man having an erection, is that the man appreciates, loves, or even desires them (Male health Centre, malehealthcenter.com). When a woman gives in at the influence of the man’s erection, infidelity becomes easy, because the man would finds an opportunity to relieve the energy and have the satisfaction at the moment. Erection is powerful, and without proper control, considering every human has sexual needs, no matter how close or far the man is away from his married partner, chances of engaging in extramarital affairs are quite high. Biological factors: The behaviour can be linked to biological reasons, which control or interfere with the feelings that cause attachments between individuals. These factors are embedded in what the men carry in their DNA, in either less or more quantity, probably termed as a genetic disorder. According to Thomas et al, there are numerous biological factors that have attributed to men’s extramarital sexual behaviour. they include hormones, evolutionary predisposition, and generic notions in relation to sex drive and desire (196). Different men would engage in sex outside marriage, as a response to various hormonal processes taking place in their bodies. These hormones then accelerate the sexual desires among men. According to Wayfarer, based on the investigations between infidelity and hormones conducted by Doctor Zak, the effect of a chemical reaction between testosterone, oxytocin, and arginine vasopressin hormones can cause men to commit infidelity (infidelityhelpgroup.com). Literally, the world may view men’s infidelity as only a social-economic related problem, but research has proved that it is strongly associated with genetic factors that lead male spouses astray. Oxytocin hormone level in the body plays a major role in