Why do you want to teach

Sometimes it may be complicated as different types of jobs at any point of time I may have to do. But this is what challenges me about the job. Students that are helped to progress in the academics are not the job of a special education teacher. Special education teacher has to give independence to the students so that they can interpret their surroundings and learn in a way that is can be easily understood. I believe that it is very important for our society to understand the value of less capable and disabled children.There are many challenges that I have to face during teaching special needs children. The job of teaching comes with a huge responsibility. It is very challenging for me, as I have to adapt to the methods and teaching techniques so that it can suit the need of children. Every teacher can have tolerance level. Firstly I have to look at my tolerance level. If I identify that certain behavior of mine is disturbing, then I need to make sure that I overcome my aversion to behaviors and focus on children in classroom.My challenge is to always have a positive attitude towards the challenging behaviors of children. Another challenging issue is offering praise. Most teachers fall in to trap of spending more time disciplining children rather than reward and praise them.Mychallenge would be to praise special need students and rewarding them, rather than looking on what children are doing wrong.Finally, patience is the challenging aspect that I need to focus and not expect much from special needs children.My personal experience working with special needs children was enjoying. First I worked in a respite camp especially for special needs children as a volunteer. Later on, I joined school for children as a teacher assistant. This job was the best experience of my life. I used to look children with behavior, emotional and social difficulties. It was so amazing and fulfilling for me to