Why NGO’s do not look kindly on LGBTI refugees

In other words, LGBTI represents people who show interests in homosexuality. Even though homosexuality is getting more popularized, it is regarded as a crime in majority of the countries in the world. LGBTI persons are facing severe problems in majority of the countries and therefore they are seeking asylum in other countries which show acceptance towards homosexuality. Even in one of the most civilised countries in the world America, homosexuality is not accepted as a good behaviour even though many American states declared it as legal. In Muslim countries homosexuality is a severe crime whereas Christian and Hindu countries keep strong silence over this issue.
Back in June, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) at NYU School of Law published the report ‘A Decade Lost: Locating Gender in U.S. Counter-Terrorism,’ the first account of how U.S. counter-terrorism efforts have undermined the rights of women and sexual minorities. The report includes the ‘collateral damage’ from the Iraq war, the hundreds of LGBTI people hunted down and killed in Iraq, including some by state actors, and the probably thousands (no one knows) who have fled. The group Iraqi LGBTI has been almost solely responsible for documenting the murders (Caning). It is really interesting to know why LGBTIs in other countries face fewer problems for immigration whereas Iraqi, Iranian and Ugandan LGBTIs are facing more problems in immigrating to other countries. LGBTIs or homosexuals are facing severe problems in Iraq at present. Even American troops patrolling in Iraq are not showing any mercy towards Iraqi homosexuals. It should be noted that America is a country which shows no discrimination towards homosexuals and even same sex marriages are taking place in some states of America. Moreover, homosexuality is widespread among American soldiers who are patrolling in Iraq. Advanced countries like Britain, Canada etc also have no problems in accepting homosexuals in their main streams of social life. However, when it comes to Iraqi LGBTIs, the world in general and America in particular show no mercy. This paper analyses the reasons why NGOs do not look kindly on LGBTI refugees from countries such as Iraq, Iran and Uganda, at the time of processing the applications for immigration. Homosexuality in Iraq, Iran and Uganda Homosexuality is not accepted in Islamic culture even though it is practiced widely among many Muslims secretly. Koran prohibits homosexuality even though it shows liberal approaches towards heterosexuality. It should be noted that unlike other religions, Muslims can keep more than one wives at the same time. Their religious beliefs and principles allow them to do so. However, homosexuality is a severe crime in Muslim countries, especially in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it is a crime even in a Christian country like Uganda etc. One of the surprising facts about Iraqi LGBTIs (LGBTII) is that their prosecution in Iraq has increased a lot after the invasion of Iraq by America in 2003. In other words, American troops are showing more intolerance towards homosexuality in Iraq than the Iraqi authorities which is really surprising. It should be noted that even during the Saddam era, LGBTIIs faced less threats from the authorities. LGBTIIs are labeled as the most endangered minorities in Iraq at present. “Homosexuality is both criminalized and widely considered immoral in Iraq, and the fragmented legal system will neither protect LGBTI persons against attacks nor investigate killings due to sexual orientation” (Iraqi LGBTI). A 2010 Report on Human Rights in Iraq issued from United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)