Why Selfies Do More Harm Than Good



Lincoln`s Lost Speech. This is an important artifact which is followed only or mostly by Americans. This speech was addressed by Abraham Lincoln in a small building in Bloomington. This speech holds immense importance in the history of America as it laid the foundation of modern America. Not only that, but it established the Republication Party. In modern day, only traces of the speech are known. What this artifact explains is that some artifacts fail to travel to other countries due to a lack of interest. People from other countries will not feel patriotic towards this artifact as they serve and live in another country. Artifacts are a way of creating bridges between two countries. People of different countries follow and enjoy a mutual thing. In this way, the connection is made. People get to express their thoughts across the people of the other country. (Selfiesatfunerals.tumblr.com) Selfies. The major artifact of today. This trend gained popularity in many countries. Not only teenagers and kids, but adults also enjoy taking `selfies.` Selfies have been the headlines of many news channels. Like any other item, selfies also have certain pros and cons. Yes, they prove to be fun, but they are also met with criticism. A collection of memories is what a lot of people treasure. But in the process of collecting memories, do we fail to be a part of them? This is the question which has been pondered over. Selfies also create privacy risks. By posting them on our social media accounts we are not the only ones who own it.