Why Steroid Should Not Be Allowed in Athletics

Steroids are synthetic hormones that alter the process of protein assimilation in the body. The body’s ability to retain proteins increases and there is a surge of growth in muscles thereby allowing the user to build muscles and stamina much faster than what can be achieved by traditional workouts and diets. This increase in stamina and muscle power gives these drug-using athletes an edge over others. Most athletes start using steroids because they fall prey to the thought of gaining power and stamina more easily than others. Owing to the exploitation of these drugs, sports associations have banned the usage of performance-enhancing drugs believing that sporting spirit should be pure and should not be shrouded by anything that is unfair.
Sports have been a very important part of our lives. Almost all of us have loved sports in at least one form or the other. It is a platform where individuals can show off their hard work, skills, and tactics and gain an appreciation for them. However, the sudden growth of athletes involved in doping has disheartened sports aficionados who believe that the involved athletes are not only inflicting intentional harm on their own body but are also affecting the overall spirit of sports and participation. Athletes overlook the fact that these performance enhancers harm the body adversely. They are overcome by the winning spirit only and pay no respect to the sporting spirit. They are well aware that at the professional level, most tests cannot detect the presence of these drugs in the bloodstream which is why many of the athletes abuse the drugs knowing that they may not get caught.
The most noticeable and potentially harmful negative impacts of using drugs like anabolic steroids are those concerning health issues. These dangerous drugs not only enhance performance but also have the capability to physically alter a person. At times, these physical changes are permanent. Athletes who are too engrossed in winning may abuse anabolic steroid in order to gain short term edge over others.&nbsp.