The modern digital communication is largely performed on the wireless medium. The wireless medium provides large number of benefits and facilities as compared to the previous technology of wired medium. Despite the large number of benefits achievement, there are areas where the wireless medium lags behind the conventional form of wired medium interface operations.
Advantages of wireless medium:
The first and foremost advantage that is provided by the wireless interface is the non reliance on the wired medium. In other words, the element of mobility and portability has been made possible through the wireless communication setup. On the go transmission and communication has been made possible through the wireless technology. Highways, mountains, rural parts, deserts, airways, all have been able to communicate and enable communication with the static part of the world through the wireless system networks.
Another advantage of wireless system is its support, ranging from small scale setup to medium and larger scale networks. All these come in the form of WAN,MAN and LAN technology systems. None of these would be possible without the wireless communication presence. The concept of wi fi and elimination on reliance over the wired systems and modems has been made possible through the wireless systems.
The possibility of ad hoc:
The wireless systems have enabled the establishment of ad hoc networks. Ad hoc network is established on temporary basis which may not need the extensive establishment of the support system with regard to all the other essential components that are otherwise required in a wired interface.
The freedom from using wires and other essentials of wired system are saved while using a wireless system network.
The down side of wireless networks:
While the wireless network provides an array of advantages and support functions, it has the negative side to it as well. The fact that noise and attenuation is part of any other wireless network makes up for the negative aspect of this system (J.S.Chitode, 2008, 15). The long distance communication is subject to distortion and would require installation of repeaters and amplifiers in order to enhance the quality of the signal and data that is being sent across the medium. The possibility of hacking and breaking into the system is more likely in the wireless system network as compared to the wired systems. The frequency crossing and interference is an associated concept which may come along as a gift of the wireless medium system.
Frequency reuse and frequency re allocation may be another issue that may come as a negative of the wireless medium network.
The intruders getting into the network is another consideration that is to be taken into account while dealing with the wireless systems network.
The remedies against the aforementioned negatives and weaknesses of the wireless network can be overcome through the installation of the firewalls, allowing larger spectrums to operate in and beefing up security measures such as a preventive measure. Installing more repeaters and other advanced amplifiers are few of the factors that can make the system of wireless communication more effective.
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