of the English of the Concerned 15 February Wit- The Evolution of a Suffering Soul The movie Wit takes the viewers through an emphatically moving journey portraying the eventual maturation and evolution of a suffering soul that is Vivian Bearing grappling with the last stages of her life eclipsed by cancer, patiently trying to seek meaning and reason for her life abruptly cut short by an incurable disease.
It is indeed ironic to consider that human beings are dependent on others both during the beginning and the end of their life, yet they take little care to come out as being kind and considerate during the middle phase of their life. Vivian in Wit is faced with such an unavoidable dilemma, being aware that she had very little time to live, especially her sense of isolation being aggravated by the emotionally sterile attitude of the medical staff. Here, the movie intensely brings to fore the angst and wreathing of a suffering soul, desperately trying to seek meaning and logic out of her eventual and unchangeable annihilation. The waning of the human intellect symbolized by the medical treatment accessible to Vivian in a way pushes her to take the stock of her entire life, eventually bringing her to the realization that human kindness scores much high over human intellect and logic. The final realization that Vivian accrues is that she should have been kinder to more people in her life.
In that context, Wit movingly unravels the essential meaning of human existence.