Women and Crime

Rich people in the society are related to corporate crimes as they can afford to hire lawyers to defend them while the poor are most likely to commit street or minor crimes. However, minor crimes get heavy sentences as compared to corporate crimes. In most cases, females and minorities live in poverty. on the other hand, teenagers are most likely to commit minor crimes. However, older people stand high chances of being rich. therefore, they are prone to committing corporate crimes (Waterkeyn, 2005). Considering gender, males are related to violent crimes as compared to females who are less violent and tend not to go for violent crimes.
As previewed, criminology and critical studies may be perused in the future to expand multi-disciplinary knowledge. This aims at exploring the under-developed where female peers support certain types of pornography. However, the media has played a significant role in dealing with the matter of female crimes. Through women empowerment programs, many women have changed positively and the rate of female crime has gone down (Mallicoat, 2011). The media has gone a step ahead to mobilize awareness campaigns about crime and how women have suffered in the hands of males.