Women can be great in work instead of staying at home

Wall Street Mothers, Stay-Home Fathers Wall Street Mothers, Stay-Home Fathers Since the world gets revolutionized at a faster rate,many characters have been transformed especially in the domestic arena. According to Fairfield (2013) in her article in the New York Times, some fathers in the United States have proven to do exemplary work at home after quitting their professional jobs and their obligations replaced by women. It may be of surprise because it is an unusual act especially to male chauvinists, but in my opinion, husbands such as Drew Skinner have showed it all that men can do better in handling domestic task while their wives take a respective role of providing to the family (Fairfield, 2013).
It also demonstrates Ms. Jan de Beur a banker taking up to the task mostly dominated by men, and she does it well despite having been informed by her colleagues in the same that getting married may not coincide with her profession. I am facing out to this situation by supporting that not only Ms. Jan de Beur husband’s shows how men can do best in taking care of the children, but some of her friends such as Allison and Gina have shared the opinion how their men are good cooks.
With banks resorting to hire more women than men in the professional vacancies, I agree there is nothing wrong with the shifting of gender equity where a woman takes up the leadership positions while men concentrates in bringing up the children. Ms. Jan de Beur portrays the best by engaging investors from Hong Kong to join the bond market, and this does not deter her from inquiring on how the family is doing. Besides, the husband requests her if she could join him and his two sons for at the gym. I perceive it is necessary for couples to work together through concise agreements, as this would be a breakthrough of giving in career for a common responsibility of bringing up a stable family (Fairfield, 2013).
Despite being advised by her colleagues that she could not make it possible to sustain the marriage with her profession, Ms. Jan de Beur succeeded in lifting her leadership position from the vice president to director then managing director. The rank was made possible after she had gotten married. I support this as a valid opinion, and I agree with the concept of Wall Street marriages as the positive transition of couple’s relationship in the society. However, not all Wall Street marriages go well. For instance, the Fairfield’s article clarifies about a woman having arguments with the husband who works as a part-time employee abut domestic responsibility which is not justified in the Wall Street mothers. He tells her off by so saying he could have been safe if only he was married. Such a situation indicates that her wife’s profession as a banker due to often engagements dissatisfied him (Allen, 2012). I admit to the argument of many wives that, as long as most husbands may intend to assist in the domestic routines, majority are not able to adjust to the issues of multitasking. It is notably obvious that, in areas where men are performers, women take the responsibility of handling domestic task contrary to where men consider domestic initiatives and women do so well in generating money for the bankers (Fairfield, 2013).
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