Women Liberation

For Women’s Liberation Gifted and courageous, Adrienne Rich, Maya Angelou and Sojourner Truth were able to shake off history-old discrimination against women through the power of the pen.
Born in such a time when discrimination against women is obvious, when their humanity seemed to be boxed to certain actions, Adrienne Rich was bold to identify that she is even sometimes a "he" (Rich).
Sojourner Truth went as far as challenging the women to turn the current situation upside down. In a similar thrust of liberating the women from stereotyping, she narrated the many ways she has done things only men should do according to the norm of the society. She stressed in the end, however, that she remains to be a woman, despite of all these. Her being a woman does not divest her of any right and does not in any way make her less (Truth).
Maya Angelou has been so bold to stand up on her conviction that whatever people say about her, no matter how women are seen in the face of history, she will definitely rise and go beyond what is expected of her. She particularly mentioned that society sees women as weak and cry-babies, confined to certain actions, but she boasted instead of her laughter and her dancing, her freedom that enables her to do anything she wants (Angelou) .
Freedom is the theme of the three literatures, the liberation from what is expected to what they truly are, in mind and in heart.