Women’s studies2

In doing this they opt to remain silent about the issues which may include violence against the colored women. The African-American women are especially the ones who suffer. There is an element of insubordination on their part and similarly, their men do not seem to take care of them well.
The other issue that comes into perspective is to do with the race of the women and the lobbies that are there against domestic violence. To a greater extent colored women are not well taken care of by such movements. This discrimination is majorly because of race. There may also be some contributing factors to the atrocities that are perpetrated against women. An example in this case is to do with the myths, which may be in existence.
The challenges that face these women in their daily lives seem to be more of an impediment to any notable development on the part of these women. This is because there will always tend to be an element of fear even as the women carry on with their responsibilities. As such, they may shy away from embarking on those issues that may bring about significant developments on their part.
There are certain expectations, which the society has about the people who exist in these societies. In this case, however, the people in question are the African-American women. Un the various societies in which they exist, these women were expected to take a rather conservative stand and not to engage so much in the activities that were taking place in the society. Back in the days, this is something, which happened. These women did not undertake so many activities. In the recent past, however, there have been significant changes in the way these individuals carry on. The element of fear, which was there among them especially about the way they carry themselves, has been done away with. In the present day, African-American women take great steps in their careers not