Womens Studies Technology of Gender

In most of the earlier technologies, most of the software part is in making the hardware work to the advantage of the user.
For instance, car is a major technology achievement. every automobile is. However, in the earlier days, cranking the car, starting it up and driving it safely. all these were expected as knowledge for the person who drives the car. In other words, this is the software that is expected out of the user to make use of the hardware that is called the car. So is the case with most of the technologies today. More and more products in the technology front would mean that the person who makes use of it has to be technology savvy and applies more technology to run or make use of the ‘technological’ hardware. This is more so, in the case of those objects specifically made for the women. The technology employed for those gadgets exclusively used by the women has grown in their dimensions and so is the software part for that gadget as well. The feminine technologies drive at making the right kind of gadget for the women in the form and manner best suited for them and their operation (McGraw 20). A car is not designed for a woman. It is made for a man and given to women to make use of!
However, there are specific devices and gadgets that a…
We will also analyse the extent to which feminine technology and the technology of genders have an impact on the social, political and cultural aspects of our society.
Hip Hugger Laundry Basket
The hip hugger laundry basket is not a ‘great’ invention but addresses the need of a woman at home. The technologies that matter most are employed with the understanding of how the work is done at home. It is supposed for carrying at the hip with one hand and other hand free to hold on to a rail while climbing stairs or for whatever other purpose. This is supposed to be large enough to take care of the normal requirement of a family in holding the clothes. It should be soft on the hip but at the same time hard enough not to break down easily when it is fully loaded. This is not a great requirement from the hardware point of view of the technology. There are a number of soft plastics that could be soft on the hip and be hard enough not to break when loaded.
However, the software for using this product is not that easy. It is not easy for, say men, to carry something of this kind on their hips. Only with practice it can be placed appropriately and be carried for on the hips. Additionally, when this is carried for long distances, say up the stairs, the pain in the hips is certainly high. And that is possibly the reason why they have also provided alternate grips on the sides of the basket so that they can be carried with both hands. In which case, they are no better than the other baskets that women have been using all along. The only comforting factor in the hip hugger basket is that it hugs the hip reasonably well and is made ergonomically. This makes the hip hugger what it name claims to be but this is not a full time hip hugger and