Workforce Bullying among Nurses in Australia

Initially I did not take them seriously but eventually, this became a daily affair. One day I was even humiliated in front of many patients and was occasionally made the laughing stock. I chose to stay mum on the subject and never reported it to my parents or friends. The abusing in the hospitals grew up day by day and one fine day I was seriously abused in front of one of my junior colleagues. Unable to gulp down the humiliation, I decided to report the instance to the HR manager but he said he was more interested in other important issues and advised me to handle these petty issues on my own. I was totally depressed and started having sleepless nights. I was so annoyed that I sometimes became rude to the patients. Due to this, I used to have high blood pressure and as a result, I took leave from work quite frequently. I also took leaves with pay cuts just for the reason that I did not want to face those group of bullying nurses.The things started taking a turn for the worse as my mentor came to know about my complaint to the HR manager. As revenge, the entire group made up a falsified case against me for which I had no fault. I was reprimanded before the entire staff and humiliated badly.This was the last straw to break the camel’s back and I decided to resign from the job. This decision was extremely painful for me as it meant destroying a dream which I had nurtured as a child. My extent of frustration was so much that I decided to leave this profession forever and joined a lower paid job as a clerk in another organization.Workplace bullying is often described in the nursing literature as a phenomenon which attracts considerable attention all over the world. Workplace relations have shown profound effects towards the physical health, mental health and the general well being of the employees.