Working with Other Professionals

I realized that this would be very important in the future as I may have to deal with patients who will have more needs than what one professional can provide. It would then be important to me that I will be able to refer such patients to someone that I can trust, and someone that I am sure will treat the patient with as much care as I would. It would also be possible that the patient undergoes treatment requiring professionals from different fields at the same time. Thus, it is important that these professionals be able to collaborate in order for the overall treatment of the patient to be effective. Perhaps one of the most important things that I learned in collaborating with other students is that I have to communicate effectively with them. At first, I thought communication was just a small, easy thing to do. But in reality, that was not the case. There is a big difference between just saying what I want, and making others listen. There are a lot of barriers to communication that professionals have to overcome. When I think about the implications of this for the future, I realized that a small miscommunication or even the lack of it could greatly reduce the effectiveness of treatment. It could mean the success or failure of treating the patient. I believe that for the treatment to work out, effective communication has to be made on a frequent basis. Each of the professionals taking part in the treatment should be updated as to the progress of the treatment done by the other professionals. If possible, regular meetings should be held. If not, communication can be done through the telephone, the internet, or through communication books or diaries. I realized that it is not enough to rely on my own knowledge. I’ve already learned a lot, but there is still much to learn and I am only seeing one side of the picture. With the help of other professionals, however, my lack of knowledge in some areas can becompensated for.