Workplace Counselling Perspectives

Workplace counseling offers employees a facility that is confidential, easily accessed (initial appointment normally within 2 weeks), provides a properly qualified and supervised practitioner, does not raise the threat of a diagnosis of psychiatric disorder, and promises to alleviate distress within a reasonably short period of time (most services allow only 6-8 sessions in any one year).”
It should be noted that that Workplace Counseling is very significant as its “Counseling in the workplace could also reduce levels of sickness and absence by between 25-50%.
* Workplace counseling is effective in relieving the symptoms of both anxiety and depression.
* “People who need workplace counseling show signs of psychological distress equivalent to that found in out-patient psychiatric hospitals” (Professor McLeod).
* Successful results can be achieved after as little as 3-8 sessions of counseling.
* Workplace counseling at least covers its financial costs.” (Workplace counseling)
Also in (managing trauma and stress), it is noted that “Workplace counseling provides measurable benefits by offering staff solution-focused counseling to assist in resolving issues of stress, trauma and personal problems which have a negative effect on both the employee and the workplace alike, costing businesses many millions of pounds every year.”
Meanwhile, there is a need to know the aim of counseling in the workplace. It is indeed very significant to asses these:
• The value of counseling in the work environment
• Issues appropriate for counseling
• Demonstrating appropriate support and assistance
• Who, how and when?
(Valentine Sean) added more information on the subject matter where he says “Employment counseling is commonly used in companies to assist employees with various personal and professional challenges that are confronted in the workplace. Such guidance could affect the degree to which employees believe a company proactively supports an ethical orientation.”
The Value of counseling in the workplace: Motivating all the workers. There is a need at any working place to motivate workers in order to encourage them on what they are employed for. Counseling in a workplace thus explains to management the great need for that.
(The guidelines for motivating workers) states that:
“Keep rules and policies to a minimum. Rules are there to protect your business and create an organization if a rule does not serve that purpose only, then you will need to consider retiring that particular policy.
After the rules are established, it is essential that all employees know what is expected of them. Make sure that the rules and/or policies are published and posted in a manner in which all employees are aware.
Create a code of conduct. Make this a collaborative effort which involves all or most of the employees that work with you.