Workplace Violence Planning in the Organization

Workplace violence indicated that the two parties involved have failed to manage the simplest bit of their life patterns. hence, they should not be kept in the workplace. A person who cannot manage his or her life is not in a position to manage workplace activities.
Workplace violence planning is done in large part at the local management level. The frequency and depth are generally outlined by corporate but left to local managers to develop site-specific training, especially considering the variation of laws from state to state. As the Safety Manager, I work closely with the Human Resources Manager to get the information presented to all of our employees. North Carolina is a State-run OSHA program, and I rely a great deal on the information they have presented on their website for reference and guidance. NC DOL does a great job in providing training resources and outreach for the industry. In this case, they have all relevant laws and information posted, as well as a series of PowerPoint presentations and even videos for employees to watch. We have added slightly to the slides and incorporated a small T/F test to demonstrate retention of the material. I would encourage everyone to look at the state-run program websites for these resources. Federal OSHA has some posted on their website, but they are not usually as good. Oregon State has probably the best workplace violence training, even OSHA refers to its training platform on this topic.