World Civilizations

This study highlights that&nbsp.the political structure was reorganized in to two-tier system that allowed for efficiency in administration and the influence of noble families diminished. The administrative officials were selected on merit basis and corrupt officials were dismissed from government. Accordingly, Sui Dynasty established Sui Court and law reforms were carried out in order to remove certain harsh punishments on the people.
From this paper it is clear that&nbsp.the Dynasty came in to rule after a series of conflicts and thus economic social economic reforms were implemented in order to overcome the prevailing financial crisis. The Emperor implemented a land equalization policy that led to land distribution for faming purposes based on the number of people in a certain household. The Dynasty standardized measures and weights and unified the coinage and farmers enjoyed lower taxes thus enhancing the development of the social economy. Another milestone was the construction of Grand Canal in order to improve transport and enhance economic exchanges. The Dynasty sought protection from enemies by building the Great Wall in order to prevent invasion from Turks. Confucianism gained popularity and Dynasty expanded Southward due to great emphasis on public works.&nbsp.Tang Dynasty was marked by rapid social and economic transformation such as religious tolerance, agriculture, revived civil service and education. Empress Wu Zhao improved the civil service and decreased the powers of the old nobility.