World War II Germanys Offensive

With success, military leaders considered ever higher aspirations including the conquest of the entire world. Throughout this period, though, the Nazi’s public position was that it would only take back particular regions that had once been taken from them. Behind the scenes, however, Hitler’s plan was to first control Europe and then, with the strength of his newly gained resources, he would be able to defeat the U.S. Not being content with conquering nations, lands and people, Hitler believed in conquering cultures and minds through the control of art. Thanks to his earlier training, Hitler believed that art helped define a country’s culture. therefore, the art of conquered countries must be consumed along with the territory so as to achieve total domination. Art was a tool of propaganda used to define the Nazi ideal and was also used by elite members of the Nazi Party as a measurement of status and power. In addition, the Nazis attempted to eradicate those they considered of an inferior race from occupied countries. The ‘Final Solution’ as the Nazis termed the mass killing of Jews, was as much a part of the foreign policy strategy as was the conquering of nations and claiming its people, property and art. Hitler and the Third Reich rose to power based largely on their successful campaign to evoke feelings of nationality within the German population. They believed that only by employing all of these tactics could it achieve genuine global dominion. It was the enactment of these strategies that forced the rest of the world to participate in what would become known as World War II.The Nazi state was not focused on production and preserving Germany’s economic circumstances but rather on its capacity to prey upon other societies. The end result of the Nazi ‘slash-and-burn’ and ‘blitzkrieg’ approaches to not only military matters but within activities of the government was the disintegration of judicial law. Nazi rule was oppressive even within Germany as they rationalized total governmental authority and power.