Worldclass bull Case Study

2 journals about 2 topics world bull 2.the case of Child pornographer World bull Case Study In a reflective exploration of the world-class bull case study, it becomes lucid that Chris Knox, the top salesperson at Specialty Fleet Services, cannot be considered wrong for trying a new approach for his job. According to my perspective, he has been innovative about trying a new approach for the business of Armadillo Gas &amp. Power and his success with Dale Landry, Armadillo’s CFO, should be considered as a result of his innovative thinking. He has succeeded in selling Armadillo Gas &amp. Power to Dale Landry, which no one else from SFS has ever been able to achieve. I believe that Sales VP Jeremy Silva has done justice to the strategy adopted by Knox for doing a successful business for the company, though I disagree with Silva in regarding Knox’s strategy as mere maneuver or trickery. I totally disagree with the human resources vice president’s view that Knox has breached the company’s ethics code and I feel that there is no coercion or manipulation done by Knox. Rather, he has just mixed his ability to persuade his customers through building personal relationship and this effective strategy has done no harm to either parties: Dale Landry or Specialty Fleet Services. James Borg, the business psychologist and author, has an important point to make when he argues that Knox did not coerce Landry into buying SFS’s services, but instead simply got the CFO’s attention and let his persuasive techniques do the rest. It is totally true of fact, which becomes palpable in an insightful analysis of the case provided. Therefore, considering various aspects of the strategy adopted by Knox for the business of Armadillo Gas &amp. Power with Landry, I strongly feel that Knox does not deserve a reprimand by the human resources vice president and I would demand rightful recognition of the success of Knox’s business strategy.
When making a judgment regarding the business strategy adopted by Knox, one needs to recognize that he has been able to win a customer for the company through positive strategy which builds trust in the customer about the company, along with developing personal relations with Knox. It becomes obvious to a careful reader that Knox has not used either coercion or manipulation which would only satisfy the needs of Knox. Instead, Knox has effectively used the strategy of persuasion which has achieved a positive outcome all around. Here, the customer is not deceived or manipulated. On the contrary, he has been highly optimistic about his new relationship with Knox who has never forced Landry into buying SFS’s services. Therefore, the positive strategy adopted by Knox has turned out to be for the benefit of both the parties: Armadillo got a superior product and SFS won a valuable customer. It is, therefore, wrong to judge that Knox has breached the company’s ethics code.
2. The Case of Child pornographer at Cambridge University
The case of child pornographer at Cambridge University, as discussed in “Child pornographer sparks debate” by Will Johnson, Kim Magi, and the Martlet, offers an imperative case of moral debate in the modern context. In a reflective analysis of the case provided, I would argue that Cambridge University’s Vice Chancellor Alison Richard cannot be justified for his decision to allow Dr. Nicholas Hammond to return to his job after he admitted to possessing, making, and distributing child pornography. Significantly, it is a case of violence against children and an internationally recognized university as Cambridge University cannot offer a wrong message to the international community with such a decision. By the implementation of Alison Richard’s decision, the Cambridge University seems to be indicating that they are not taking his charge seriously, and that it is acceptable to produce, distribute, and possess child pornography. A trustworthy and recognized institution like the Cambridge University cannot send a wrong message to the international community by such irresponsible actions. Instead, the university should adopt measures which will send a significant message to the wrongdoers in child abuse. I totally agree with Kim Magi’s argument that Cambridge is disrespecting all families that have suffered due to child abuse. It is also important to note that police discovered over 1,500 images of child pornography at his Cambridge University-owned home and the Vice Chancellor seems to suggest that child pornography made at the University-owned home can be overlooked as a silly crime. The total credibility of the institution is brought under question by the Vice Chancellor’s decision and I strongly disagree with this attempt.
A profound analysis of the case of child pornographer at Cambridge University confirms that University Vice Chancellor’s decision to allow Dr. Nicholas Hammond to return to his job raises an important question of human morality as well as the credibility of an internationally recognized institution. As Kim Magi suggests, child molesters like Hammond are mass murderers and criminals against humanity. It is also important to recognize that a university professor is someone trustworthy and respectable. Therefore, Nicholas Hammond is a person who has done crime against children as well as his profession. In short, Vice Chancellor’s decision to allow Dr. Nicholas Hammond to return to his job is highly condemnable and must be protested.