Write a paper of your creative thinking style skills to manage complex problems and selfreflection

Write 3 to 4 page paper from the attachment of the article for your source.rubric listed below .1. Student provides a thorough and detailed analysis of his/her personal creative thinking profile, identifies at least first and second preferences with strong supporting rationales, provides four or more relevant examples from experiences to validate preferences, and provides salient insights as to how career and work performance are impacted.2. Student provides a thorough and detailed evaluation of the alignment of the various aspects of his/her work (or desired work) with his/her profile including areas where there is close alignment and areas where there may be little to no alignment, and thoroughly assesses the impact of the degree of alignment to his/her work success or future work aspirations.3. Student provides a thorough and detailed analysis of how he/she as a colleague or manager will collaborate with individuals having similar and different creative styles, defining specific strategies to enable successful outcomes, and includes a robust evaluation of how organizations can best use differences in creative thinking styles to create sustainable, competitive advantages. Response is supported with specific examples.4. Writing exhibits strong evidence of thoughtful critical analysis and thinking; careful examination is made of assumptions and possible biases, with detailed supporting rationale. Writing synthesizes the classroom experiences and content; analyzes patterns or connections between theory and practice; and draws logical conclusions based on well-reasoned arguments. New questions may be presented based on synthesis of ideas and input.Must be APA format.16/05/202030businessfinance