Writing Assignment Two

On the other hand, this transformation has a different effect on the future life of the characters. For Gregory it means impossibility to earn money for his family. Moreover, this situation eventually leads to his death alone. In turn, as a result of the transformation, Peter Parker gets new features that make his life interesting and full of different adventures. This is due to the fact that Gregor’s transformation is complete as he acquires the appearance of an insect (that is disgusting), while Peter only gets spider abilities that do not affect his appearance.
From the story, one can understand that Gregor Samsa works tirelessly so his family could have everything they need. None of his family members is working and Gregor takes on this responsibility. He does it quite disinterestedly, not relying on gratitude. The author gives the reader the possibility to see that the main character is of no interest to the members of his family. His father, mother and sister are not working. The main burden rests on his shoulders. Despite the fact that his work is quite difficult and exhausting, Gregor does not complain about his life. He is always thinking about his family and believes that his family members love him as much as he loves them. His sister is playing the violin and his main dream is to help her go to the conservatory, where she could study music professionally. Despite such devotion, no one appreciates Gregor. None of his family members understands that they should be grateful to Gregor. By and large, they are completely indifferent to him. He is necessary to them only because he makes money and gives the family the opportunity to rent a large apartment, buy good food, etc. His whole life is completely subordinated to the interests of the family. He thinks first of all of the members of his family forgetting about his own interests. However, “one morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he