Writing Project 3 PrewritingFor this project I have chosen the issue of police brutality which is gradually crawling back specifically affecting youths and teens residing in low economic suburbs in Georgia. My project will therefore target the residents in these localities particularly the youth, parents and opinion shapers with regards to shaping public policies. These stakeholders include activism NGOs, social researchers and the local political leadership.This initiative was inspired by a presentation made by Isabela Robinson on Ted Talks in March last year where she suggested the evils subjected on young citizens by the police and the effect this has on their development (TEDx Talks, 2019). Research Question- The role of social media in reporting cases of police brutality in low economic status suburbs in Savannah.To collect primary data for my study, I have interviewed two victims of this social evil, their respective parents and have complemented this information with records of hospitalized victims and an expert opinion from a local researcher affiliated to social activism firm in Savannah. In this project I will persuade the residents of the suburbs to embark on forming social networks and giving these cases the publicity they need to be exposed and attended. To successfully convince the residence to use social media to root out police brutality I will use experts and opinions from authorities of the sociology of policing, present to them statistics of those affected by the issue and the worrying trend and later present the sorry states of those whose lives have been negative affected by the issue. However, disrespect for authorities in many instances prompt the police to apply violence (Silver, 2017). I will emphasize on cooperation with the police and a call for the youth to desist from violence and drug abuse as the police have cited these as their resolve to apply violence to apprehend some youths. To seek more information on this project, I have used the PsycINFO catalogue in the Cleveland State Community College to identify scholarly articles relating to the issue. Here is have found articles and videos which are more important as they have more elaborate data. I have not had any trouble sourcing information on the project. ReferencesSilver, A. (2017). The demand for order in civil society: A review of some themes in the history of urban crime, police, and riot. InTheories and origins of the modern police(pp. 23-46). Routledge. Retrieved from; https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/e/9781315084824/chapters/10.4324/9781315084824-3TEDx Talks. (2019, March 7).  Social Media’s Impact on Cases of Police Brutality. Retrieved from; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_Y3_y_hzp8