Writting health care business paper

The organizations can prioritize them, work on the solutions and provide a cost effective measure to it that will attract the clients and increase the business. Based on the data that is given for the possible causes of health and illness conditions, accidents top the fatal count of children. If some emergency recovery centers are established, could prove as a decisive factor in improving the client feedback. The data provided is classified age wise, and for persons in the age of 45, cancer and heart problems are the prime cause of illness. For persons aging around 74, chronic diseases tops the list.
Finally on general assessment, the evaluation of the economic condition would help greatly in identifying key market niches. For example, Jehovah’s Witness community revenue details are most appealing considering the fact they just followed a single policy of implementing private insurance and Medicare. Such scenarios boost the economy of the region and thereby allow other organizations to tread the same path.
Innovative Medical Groups
Innovative Medical, a $265 million revenue medical group is considered to be the biggest competitor for MCMPC. It has more than 1100 employees and is expanding its serving region with its new alignment with County Regional Medical Center. Provided below are the basic details of the group. Their strengths, weakness as well as the opportunities and threats in comparison with MCMPC are detailed here.
The main backbone of Innovative medical groups is their strategic planning headed by Dr. Schwartz, who has a degree of MBA aiding him in managing things effectively. He has a great record in dealing…
With about 50% of the residents of the county trying to relocate themselves, it is posing a bigger threat for the group to make them come back for treatment. It is demanding that several advanced technologies have to be implemented in order to sustain the same rate of client visits to the group. But this investment does not 100% ensure that the profits will be sustained. It is posing to be a serious threat.
Partnership Analysis
In order for MCMPC to regain its financial stability and stature in the market, it needs to partner with any of the two potential partners currently doing service in the same profession. It has to do it in order to achieve new strategy based advantages, similar to the way Innovative Medical has achieved through its collaboration with CRMC. Following are the analysis and consultation views on what would be the best association for MCMPC that could be with either Good Sisters or Riverside Hospitals.
Good Sisters Association
If Good Sisters is considered to be the partner, then there are certain pros and cons that need to be taken into account. The pros include that Good Sisters is present in the southern part of the county. partnering with it would increase benefits reaped through this association in that region. Apart from this sole reason, there is not much that would enhance the chances of partnership relationship.