Your role in the American culture and society

My Role in American Culture and Society Culture de s the customs or traditions and the social behaviors that are embraced by a particular community or society. Conversely, society refers to a group of people who live together in a community that is organized. The culture in American society is diverse and consists of people from different cultural backgrounds. This means that each one of this cultures has to play a role in promoting harmony in the society. Because of different cultural backgrounds or traditions, individuals or subscribe to different norms or values. In this sense, and as a Chinese in the American culture and society my role involves promoting my cultural values and traditions in a positive light and to ensure that other communities or ethnic groups in the American society comes to terms with my culture and traditions (Hsu 418).The American society is an advanced society where people are more liberalized compared to China where people are more conservative and there is more emphasis on cultural values and traditions. In any community, traditions play an important role in people’s lives, this include living as a family unit or leaving home and start a family. According to the Chinese culture, family unit is important since, it is an avenue where the youth learn from the elderly regarding how to lead a normal life. As a Chinese studying in America, I understand the need to accommodate the western culture while not losing direction with regard to my cultural values and traditions. Life in the American culture and society is more open and individuals have the free will to do what they want with their life. However, I am aware that in such an open society, losing direction with regard to one’s culture and tradition is easy and as such, it is important to remain steadfast to my culture and traditions (Hsu 420).Further, as a Chinese student in American society, my role also revolves sharing cultural values and traditions. This is important in terms of gaining knowledge of other people’s culture and to accommodate their behaviors. In addition, the American society is a multilingual society with different ethnic groups speaking different language. As a Chinese, my role in the American society also involves promoting my language to other ethnic groups and friends interested in learning Chinese. This is important because there are students who may want to work in China in the future. Learning the Chinese language will help such students to adapt to the new society that speaks a different language (Hsu 420).As a Chinese in the American society, my role with regard to culture and society involves promoting community participation. In America, there is a larger contingent of Chinese who live, study and work in America. However, in order to feel comfortable in a foreign environment there is need to establish support systems to ensure that Chinese living in America adapt to their new environment. Such support include assisting new immigrants from China to settle in American by providing them with the necessary information on how to register for studies, find employment or where to stay. It is not often easy to adapt to a new culture and that is why it is important to assist new immigrants to settle down in America (Hsu 422).In conclusion, the American culture and society is accommodative to different people from different cultural background who migrate from various parts of the globe to America. As a Chinese student, my role in American culture and society involves presenting the American culture in a positive light to Chinese living in America and back home.Work CitedHsu, Chia-Fang. Acculturation and Communication Traits: A study of Cross-Cultural Adaptation among Chinese in America. Communication Monographs 77.3 (2010): pp. 414-425.Print.