Youth Subcultures

Now parents and children are very different in their opinions about value orientations, fashion, ways of communication, and even way of life as a whole.Prompt, permanent acceleration and updating become the leading characteristics of the life of modern industrial societies. Scientific and technical revolutions make them be extremely dynamic systems, stimulating radical change of social communications and forms of human communication. In modern culture, there is a strongly pronounced layer of innovations, which constantly break and reconstruct cultural tradition, and thus complicating processes of socialization and adaptation of a person to constantly varying conditions and requirements of life. A human being’s search of self, of own individuality and own social status becomes complicated due to the abundance of choice combined with dynamism and novelty.As a specific phenomenon, youth culture arises also in connection with the fact that the physiological acceleration of young people is accompanied by a sharp increase of duration of the period of their socialization (at times till 30 years), that is caused by the necessity of increase of time spent for education and professional training, which are corresponding requirements of the epoch.Today a young man stops to be the child early as to psycho-physical development, but under the social status such a young person still a long time does not belong to the world of adults. Youthful age is the time when economic activity and independence are not reached yet in full. Psychologically the youth belongs to the world of adults, and socially – to the world of adolescence. If in the sense of saturation by knowledge a person mature much earlier, in the sense of position in a society, in the sense of having a chance to make own presence felt persons maturity is put off.