The company boasts of an efficient distribution channel as well as computer-aided design and manufacture which together ensure timely arrival of products in stores. The use of e-strategy requires that the company and its producers work together for good coordination of information flow so that the transport of raw materials, manufacture, distribution, and delivery of products is carried out efficiently in the international markets the company operates.2.E-Collaboration in e-business E-collaboration takes advantage of the current internet-driven business environment and requires the companies adopting it to participate in external business relationships through computer interactions. E-collaboration, especially for international businesses, enables a company to eliminate the barrier of time, distance, and resources and interact with other companies, stakeholders, suppliers and customers in different countries. Through e-collaboration at Zara, there is coordination of different decisions and activities all over the internet. Zara’s hybrid model highly supports e-collaboration. For instance, store managers collaborate with manufacturers in specifying orders needed at their stores based on customer preferences. Market research at Zara is also made possible through e-collaboration whereby Zara employees gather information on employee preferences online and different groups in the company are assigned to analyzing the information and making speedy decision-making and supervision of all stores.